Digital artefact – Amani Bell #edcmooc

I’m determined to complete this MOOC, so that means a rather hastily put together digital artefact. I wanted to use a tool I hadn’t used before, and came across the Puppet Pals app. The app allows you to create a puppet show using various characters and backdrops. It’s very easy & fun to use – I think it’s probably designed for children!

The tool definitely shaped my approach to the task, in that my puppet show is a child-like story, with a naive quality. The show only touches on what I’ve learned from the MOOC ( can you guess what Bee and Bug represent?). The MOOC has definitely inspired me to keep reading and learning about post humanism. And I’m now noticing the themes of the MOOC everywhere – I’ve just been at an education conference where one of the speakers gave us this lovely quote from Braidotti (2013):

“Human embodiment and subjectivity are currently undergoing a profound mutation. Like all people living in an age of transition, we are not always lucid or clear about where we are going, or even capable of explaining what exactly is happening to and around us…Human, all too posthuman, these extensions and enhancements of what our bodies can do are here to stay. Are we going to be able to catch up with our posthuman selves, or shall we continue to linger in a theoretical and imaginative state of jet-lag in relation to our lived environment?”

Anyway, thank you to the EDCMOOC teachers and fellow travellers, it has been a very interesting journey.





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