I have just had a preview look at the three artifacts I’ve been given to review and the level of thought, finesse and imagination in each of them is incredible.

EDCMOOCers I salute you!

All the negative press around completion rates seems to me to be stuck in old paradigms and  blind to the fact that MOOCs are chock full of people who are passionate and motivated, creative and original.

Do you necessarily have to complete a MOOC to get something from it and have the experience of connecting with others with similar interests from around the world? Sometimes there isn’t time to do it all and if you can’t use the certificate then there is no point in flogging yourself. Sometimes you only want to know about one topic. This in no way detracts from the merit of MOOCs.  I have completed some and dipped into others but have learned something from all of them.

In this case I completed. I’ve enjoyed the journey and especially being part of a study meet for the first time. Thanks!

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