Digital artefact – Samantha Clarke #edcmooc

Link to the “lesson”: Sam’s TED-Ed lesson – “Cloudy Times Ahead…the Future of Education in a Digital World”

Like Amani, I  too am determined to complete this MOOC…and my digital artefact is also rather hastily put together. I used TED-Ed lessons, which allow you to create a lesson around any You Tube video you like – also very easy and fun to use!

I second Amani’s comments about how the MOOC inspired me to keep learning and how I’m noticing the themes of the MOOC everywhere!! Check out last night’s news piece from the ABC…couldn’t fit better I they tried!

Also, big thanks to the EDCMOOC teachers and USYD team! I have very much enjoyed the experience!

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About Samantha Clarke

Samantha is a marine/engineering geologist by training, researcher and academic developer by day, and passionate about the ongoing pursuit of learning and education. Samantha’s research has particular interests in submarine landslides and their associated coastal hazards (such as tsunami), marine and fluvial geomorphology, and riverbank failures. She is also interested in educational research after seeing the wide-reaching impact of good learning and teaching.

1 thought on “Digital artefact – Samantha Clarke #edcmooc

  1. Sue

    Very cool Sam! It’s a well-structured little tool that I haven’t come across before. I haven’t answered the questions cos I’ve got to get some sleep!

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