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Face to face online learning – the Sydney study group meets #edcmooc


A group of University of Sydney staff met last Friday to discuss the eLearning and digital cultures MOOC. We discussed our backgrounds, and our reasons for participating. We all hoped that the face to face study group would spur us on to participate in and complete the MOOC.

We watched the Cormier video on how to study in a MOOC, had a look around the Coursera site, and discussed the various ways in which we might, or already had, engaged with the MOOC.

All of us had started engaging with the MOOC to various degrees, though most of us had not yet done the readings. Sue provided a useful summary of the Chandler article, and we had a discussion about the concept of technological determinism. We decided to split up the Week 2 readings, with each person agreeing to summarise one of the readings at the next meeting.